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Why Do Men Get Turned Off – Avoid these issues at all costs!

Do you know why men go out? Do you ever say anything to a man that you immediately regret? Would you like to know what topics to avoid when talking to the kids? Sometimes we forget the power of our words. Learn to avoid the following topics or risk shutting down forever.

The worst thing you can do when you talk to a guy that interests you is to participate in the male attack. Men do not like to be compared to men in their past who were hurtful, abusive or prone to lying. Men want to be judged by their own behavior, not by that of another type.

You should also avoid having a boy listen to you with your friends. This is a great sign of disrespect and will surely reconsider your presence in your life.

Avoid talking about your emotions and feelings before him. Almost all men will be rejected if you are too quick to share what you feel for him. Scream despair. Instead, follow his example. When he makes you some kind of statement, that’s your signal that it’s okay to start sharing something that you’re feeling. However, do not share everything at once. Build emotional intimacy little by little. Men are turned off by emotional attachment when it happens quickly.

Do not bring money Most men are as sensitive with their money as women are with their appearance. Men want to be accepted for what they are, not for what they earn. The financial state is a source of pride for a man. If he is too eager to talk about finance, he may have the impression that he is only interested in what he can give him.

On the other hand, if a man is not where he wants to be financially, talking about it could make him withdraw. It is advisable to determine if your prospective partner is financially responsible, just be discreet and wait until you are discussing the marriage to start talking in depth about finances.

Finally, do not critically talk to others directly or even in front of them. Men find petty and unattractive gossip. Malicious gossip is the most offensive. If you are criticizing the way other women look, dress or act, it usually reveals insecurity or jealousy that you are not aware of or refuse to admit. A man will admire your class if you always try to see the best in others.

Stay away from these issues that are important deviations for most men.

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