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Using celebrity gossip for advertising

No matter how much you blow up celebrity gossip sites and tabloids that deprive you of your privacy rights, the flip side is also true. Celebrities often use these celebrity gossip sites to promote themselves and their work. Some of them are simply addicted to the media, competing to be on the entertainment news pages. They like to be talked to all the time. And since they are lovers of the paparazzi’s first fruits, they should not dismiss the idea that many of these scoops are actually organized by the celebrities themselves! It is a part of the entertainment world and there are no questions.

The popularity of sites and celebrity gossip portals makes celebrities see them with enough interest. They feel that celebrity gossip pages could be great vehicles to connect with their fans and also make their message heard without spending a dime on public relations efforts. Entertainment news pages can be wonderful ways in which they can reach broader sections of people and talk about what is happening behind the scenes. As they say, any publicity is good publicity.

Celebrities make use of celebrity gossip sites, especially when movies are released. Celebrity gossip lovers are applauded with updates on a possible romance between the main couple of the movie. That causes sparks in the world of entertainment news. Fans and movie lovers like to know that the main pair of an upcoming movie is also coming out in real life. That causes a deep curiosity among the fans. The odd paparazzi of the lead pair snooping here and they are not uncommon as well. When the hype has strengthened sufficiently, the film opens. This hype usually guarantees the sale of tickets in the first days. Then, the film is subject to criticism from critics and word of mouth advertising. In general, the cost of production is recovered in the first weekend for the big movies.

Celebrities use celebrity gossip sites too for good reasons. Sometimes you have a celebrity that appeals to help fight a cause through the celebrity gossip sections. The most recent example of such a cause is the relief work of ‘Hope for Haiti’. Check out any entertainment news section and you have reports that tell you how celebrities are putting together their star power and their money to get Haiti out of this catastrophic disaster. The message that the George Clooneys and Brad Pitts are trying to reach has a broader base because they can rely on the columns of Hollywood rumors. And because the stars and celebrities of A-list of Tinsel Town were involved in the whole scheme of things, there were more sponsors, more media coverage and more fans contributing their contributions. These kinds of efforts complete the cycle, where celebrities can give back to fans what they gave to celebrities: love and support.

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