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How to start an engaging conversation with girls

How to start an engaging conversation with girls

The basic rules of how to start a conversation with a girl you’ve never met are really very easy. It can also be one of the most stressful things a man can do until he realizes how easy it is.

Keep in mind these general approach techniques and should be fine.

  1. Direct start of the conversation: many times, all you need to do is walk and say “hello”. With a small smile on your face, a genuine “greeting” followed by a brief silence can make a woman fill in the blanks, and her approach work is ready. What you do after that depends on you.
  2. Situation opener / conversation initiator: pay attention to what is going on around you and see if there is an opportunity to make a funny or witty comment about it and you should not have trouble starting the conversation. Whether it’s something related to it, what you’re using, what you’re doing or what others are doing around you, the topics that start a conversation are some of the easiest to find quickly.
  3. Opinion openers: Girls love to give their opinion on topics and this gives you an excuse to ask a question without her knowing for sure if you are impacting her or if you are really interested. It is known that girls respond very well to those who open opinions on topics of relationships, gossip or fashion.
  4. Congratulate her: congratulate a girl when she has not done anything to really win it, it’s not the best idea. It is not advisable to congratulate her beauty or appearance because it is something she has probably heard a lot. Rather, congratulate yourself on something you are using or doing and you will have much more luck to keep the conversation going. Luckily, it’s the part that ends more quickly and then you have to entertain her with your wit, charm and other talents.

Some men understand that using talents such as music or even magic tricks can be very effective when done correctly and when avoiding the mistakes that most men make.

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