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Errors that you can not afford to do in the office – Gossip

Not everyone has to work in an office, but a large majority of the current workforce does. Spending eight or nine hours a day in a work environment is more time than some people spend with their families. The members of the family know our peculiarities and habits and accept us as we are. Unfortunately, co-workers and bosses do not know us as well and may not be so complacent.

Being late for work is a mistake that almost everyone in the office will see. This shows a lack of respect for others. Being late is not fair to others if everyone is required to work certain hours and someone arrives late repeatedly. This is also cheating the company, if they are paying you for the time you are not there.

Everyone likes to surf the Internet, play games or just look for information. This should not be done at the time of the company. The breaks and lunch periods should be used for these activities. Many companies use special software to track this type of activity. This software shows the time in which this activity was carried out and the websites that were visited.

Many companies use email as part of their daily business. Sending emails to friends and family or transmitting email jokes uses a commercial function for your own enjoyment. This activity can also be tracked.

Everyone loves to gossip. Gossiping about the boss or a co-worker makes it a bad work environment. Gossip can cause difficult feelings and the possibility of arguments erupting. Losing someone’s feelings should not make you feel good and will make them see you as a disturbing and disrespectful person to have in the office.

Poor customer service is something that most people never forget. This means that customers do not return to the company or use their services again. There is nothing worse than having a complaint sent to the boss about the treatment the client received.

Along with poor customer service is a bad attitude. Clients and colleagues do not forget soon if they are spoken harshly. If there is a problem in your personal life, leave it at the door. While this is not easy to do, remember that your work is important too.

The fastest way to get fired is to steal. Taking items that belong to the company is considered theft, either a pen or a computer. These items are purchased for the exclusive use of the company. Sometimes a pen can end up in a bag or pocket. Return it immediately. If everyone came out with just a pen, the company’s expenses would skyrocket, leaving less money to increase the increases.

We all make mistakes. Be careful to correct them as soon as possible. Apologize, return a lost item or set the alarm clock before. There are very few of these problems that are not noticed by the boss. Continuing to make the same mistakes over and over again, could be terms for termination.

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